Measure of a “man” part 1

When we look at the world around us we all tend to sum it up differently. To some it seems imperative that life be measured through material wealth; the size of someone’s house, the model of one’s car, or the brand of clothing that they wear. Do these things really define someone or do they simply deprive someone of true expression. Over the past ten years I have viewed it in a literary since.

Books written

For many years I looked up to authors that were active pastors and business men that found the time to write books. I never understood how they found the time to put pen to paper,and be so creative, and I for many years defined that person with published works as truly successful. They were leaving a legacy for others through written ideas. Then I became cynical to this thought because it felt like more times than not in modern publishing the books were turned out for profit!
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The Easter Bunny in my eyes…

The Easter Bunny  is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. Originating among German Lutherans,season of Eastertide.  the “Easter Hare” originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behaviour at the start of the season of Eastertide.[1] 

The Easter bunny, and Santa Claus sometimes receive great criticism because of the materialistic distraction from what reformed individuals see as the main focus of the respected season.  Today as we celebrate Orthodox Easter, and this morning with the girls the goal was to stir up a sincere mind by way of “reminders” – 2 Peter 3:1 
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“Misery And Gin”

Memories and drinks don’t mix too well
And jukebox records don’t play those wedding bells
Looking at the world through the bottom of a glass
All I see is a man who’s fadin’ fast.

Tonight I need that woman again
What I’d give for my baby to just walk in
Sit down beside me and say it’s alright
Take me home and make sweet love to me tonight.

But here I am again mixing misery and gin
Sittin’ with all my friends and talkin’ to myself
I look like I’m havin’ a good time but any fool can tell
That this honky tonk heaven really makes you feel like hell.

I light a lonely woman’s cigarette
We start talkin’ bout what we want to forget
Her life story and mine are the same
We both lost someone and only have ourselves to blame
But here I am again…

Many times in life we are all like the narrator trying to hide our memories. For some it’s by drinking, with others eating, still others is sleeping or shopping.  In this classic song we see how the “alcohol” causes him to be haunted by his memories.   Why? Why can’t we find comfort in something? Why does it all make us feel so empty in the end? 


Praying for Europe

As we pray for Paris and the French people in light of the acts of terror that have taken place, there are many geo political issues at hand, but also a historical and contemporary factor that must be remembered. * I will reflect on this at a later time in a different post.

The French President, Francois Hollande, visibly shaken by the events on Friday night, has vowed to wage a merciless fight against terrorism. The will work to close borders and attempt to address the issues in the country of France by deploying military people to secure the city of Paris. The challenge in Europe is that there is still a wave of people who are coming from the Muslim world running from these very type of acts that are taking place in their own countries. Events of terror that are not getting public news, and events that will not be talked about for weeks to come on people’s Facebook walls.
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The shattered moments! Part 1

As the jar of hellmanns mayonnaise hit the floor and the jar shattered into small little parts that would be sure to find the foot of an unsuspecting person. All I could think of was the loss of the mayonnaise. The wonderful substance that I use to make Ranch for my salad or my pizza, the substance I use for the purpose of making my sandwich so tasty or my potato salad so lovely.

Some things are not as valuable to people as mayonnaise would be to me, growing up in the south it serves as one of the 4 food groups. I know you have found your self with a similar issue and mistakes that created a mishap and the loss of such a precious thing. Just at the dropping of a glass jar on the tile floor. Now I know some of you are thinking the mayonnaise jar is plastic now. ( Well in the US that might be true, but over seas its still glass.) The point I hope you will take is the consideration that there are some things that are very important to us for different reasons and some things we hold very tightly, and when those items are lost it can cause a great heart ace.

What is it that you hold so tightly in your life, that would be a great loss if you were to not be able to enjoy it? 


The refugee wave



The wave of people coming into the European region is an unprecedented event. The numbers are staggering over the past few months, arriving in Southern Europe. An ideal that I think some didn’t believe would actually transpire. 

For many months western nations watched as refugees poured into camps, in the southern section of Turkey. (100s of thousands) Tent camps not believing the respon e to the social unrest.  When consideration is given to the cultural norms of migrants in the Europe setting.  Greece has aways struggled with the issue of having more illegal immigrants than other European countries because of its geographical location. 

The numbers that could be listed are simply heart breaking, the thousands of people feeling groups like ISIS or fanatic Islamic people.  Facing the hard ship of months even years in an uncertain condition. Family members separated across countries, and at times continents. 


A few months ago the Ecconimist ran an article called the boat people. Where they shared the hard ship and loss that many people face as they seek to cross the meditrian and Ageean sea.  The loss of family members to drowning, and the long days in unlivable conditions just for the opertunity of a better life. 

Their hardships are real, and their life is no doubt difficult.” Greece itself has seen almost 160,000 people landing on its shores since January, the UN estimates, with 50,000 arriving in the past month alone.”